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At Dentist for Chickens, our commitment is rooted in safeguarding and maintaining your natural teeth, embodying the principles of preventive dentistry.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry represents the forefront approach in minimizing the need for extensive dental procedures, ensuring oral health is maintained. Our goal includes conducting consistent recall examinations and cleaning sessions, where we impart optimal techniques for brushing and flossing. Additionally, we emphasize the significance of a nutritious diet in dental health. Frequent dental appointments are crucial for early detection and treatment of oral issues, which results in minimal discomfort, reduced costs, and favorable long-term results. Our services further extend to preventive dentistry measures such as mouth guards, occlusal splints, fissure sealants, and routine fluoride treatments.

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If you are a new patient requesting an appointment, you will need to complete a medical history questionnaire providing us with information that will help us to treat your individual needs.

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