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“I had always been very fearful of going to the dentist. I'd put it off for years. I feel more comfortable coming here now." Amanda

“This practice makes me feel completely at ease. No pain. That's one of the things I've noticed. There's been very little pain.” Alan

"It's much more pleasant than any other dental experiences I've had before. Come here, get fixed up before it's too late, because everything just gets worse, as we know." Leonie

“Oh, I wouldn't hesitate referring at all. It's fantastic. I've already mentioned to a few friends… they'd be looked after and made to feel comfortable.” Trish

Dentist for Chickens: The Best Dentist Newcastle, NSW

Welcome to Dentist for Chickens, the best dentists in Newcastle. When it comes to your oral health, finding the best dentist in Newcastle is paramount. A top-notch best dentist offers not only exceptional clinical expertise but also a warm and welcoming environment for patients. From routine check-ups to complex dental procedures, we the best dentist in Newcastle combines years of experience with cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive and personalized care at affordable cost. Whether you're seeking preventive dental care, cosmetic enhancements, or restorative treatments, entrusting your smile to the best dentists in Newcastle ensures that you receive the highest quality of care and achieve the confident, healthy smile you deserve. Your oral health is an investment, and with the best dentist in Newcastle, you can look forward to a lifetime of smiles.

Many individuals may not eagerly anticipate their dental appointments, and we understand that completely. However, thanks to our extensive experience as the best dentist in Newcastle, especially in caring for anxious patients, we have gained valuable insights into ensuring your time with us is thoroughly comfortable. Additionally, we are committed to transforming your visits to our dental clinic into truly enjoyable experiences, all while being the best dentist in Newcastle.

Patients are all praises for our courteous and friendly communication skills. Our team of best dentists will take the time to talk to you through each step of your dental treatment so that you can choose the treatment that suits you the best. Isn’t that the most comforting approach to dental care? With us, you’re in the driver’s seat the whole way.


Our supportive, highly-experienced dentistry team always puts your needs first. We get to know you not just as a patient, but as the wonderful person you are.

As the best dentist in Newcastle, we take a personalised, adaptive approach to your dental care. Getting to know you means we work together with you to tailor a dental treatment plan that perfectly suits your needs and affordable budget.

Our cosmetic dentistry practices are equipped with modern dental technology for the highest level of comfort at our dental clinic, including the little details like our ceiling mounted TV to keep you entertained if you’d rather tune out and a range of sedation to suit every individual’s needs. We pride ourselves as the trusted cosmetic dentists for being here when you need us, with after-hours telephone advice and personal check-ins after your treatment, to make sure you’re feeling good.

At Dentist for Chickens, it’s simple: we want to see you smile and cherish a lifetime of quality oral health! Get in touch with our best dentist team today and discover the magic of cosmetic dentistry in Newcastle!

“It was a very good and fun experience and it didn't hurt at all. And when I was in the chair, it wasn't scary or anything. It was really fun." Lily

“The staff were wonderful. The main thing is they made me feel relaxed and that's very hard when I go to the dentist, is to feel relaxed.” Helen

“The dentist was really patient and explained every step by step. It was amazing. I felt much better coming to the dentist. Less nervous.” Mark and Lisa

“The staff were wonderful. The main thing is they made me feel relaxed and that's very hard when I go to the dentist, is to feel relaxed.” Helen

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"I'm very nervous, I'm terrible, absolutely dreadful, but I still come, so that means something. You're very good. I love it here. I wouldn't go anywhere else." Denise

"All three kids have really enjoyed coming here to the point that they play paper, scissors, rock to who goes in the chair first. They really like it " Kureen and Jordyn

“I feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Dentist for chickens, I would highly recommend in every aspect” Tripti

"I mean the dentist for chicken's idea is very much a case of people who don't like dentists ... are able to come here and be relaxed and they're not going to be hurt in any way" Peter and family

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