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Cosmetic Dentistry Newcastle : Process, Costs & Recovery

Today, cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever as everyone desires that perfect smile! Having a healthy, white smile makes a lasting impression and enhance almost every facet of your life. Whether you realize it or not, but a smile is the first thing people notice about another person. Having a pleasant and confident smile plays significant role in your professional life, social life, and personal life, simply because it is more pleasant to be around someone with healthy teeth and pearly whites.

We at Dentist for Chickens use advanced cosmetic teeth whitening procedures that will give you the best results.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry procedures focus on improving the aesthetic aspects of oral care. These dental treatments are more often elective than essential, with some procedures being simple and others being more complex and time intensive. If you have developed teeth stains or tooth discoloration, or have chipped, broken teeth or your teeth has gaps between them, modern cosmetic dentistry can solve all your woes and give you a beautiful white smile. Cosmetic dentists may use one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Depending on your present tooth color and structure and the cosmetic enhancement you require, professional cosmetic dentists work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan.

At Dentist for Chickens, we provide you with state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry in Newcastle. We offer you all the available and best aesthetic treatment options to make sure that together we achieve your realistic expectations.

A healthy and confident smile is what we endeavour to achieve through our cosmetic options listed below:

  • Veneers
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Tooth Jewellery
  • Lip enhancement & non-surgical facelift

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Veneers are an ideal way of treating discoloured or unsightly teeth. They can be used to close gaps between front teeth or repair chips and cracks. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth, like a false fingernail fits over a nail. Sometimes a natural colour ‘composite’ material is used instead of porcelain.

Dental Veneers are routinely used to fix:

  • Teeth that are discolored - Your teeth can become discolored due to stains on the surface, root canal treatment, excessive fluoride or other causes. Such teeth that do not respond to whitening can be treated using dental veneers.
  • Teeth that are worn down - Worn down teeth, especially the front teeth can impact the look of your smile. Dental veneers can help restore your lost smile rendering it a more youthful yet still natural look.
  • Teeth that are chipped or broken - If you have chipped off a piece of tooth enamel, the damage can be repaired with dental veneers. Veneers are often used to restore the tooth’s shape and appearance of chipped, or broken teeth.
  • Teeth that are uneven, or irregularly shaped - The shape of our teeth varies naturally but if they are severely misaligned and out of shape, it can make a difference to your smile. Dental veneers can help such teeth achieve a better alignment.
  • Teeth with gaps between them (to close the space between these teeth) - Noticeable gaps or spaces between the teeth can make you feel down about your yourself. – Dental veneers can be used for the cosmetic removal of such gaps between the teeth.
teeth whitening

At Dentist for Chickens, we are the best cosmetic dentist Newcastle addressing a variety of aesthetic problems using dental veneers.

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Tooth Whitening

Whitening your teeth can reinvigorate your smile and restore confidence in your life…

Brilliant white teeth are a dream of almost everyone! You will be surprised to know natural teeth are never pure white! There are 28 naturally occurring shades of teeth, ranging from reddish brown to butter yellow and gray. Teeth tend to get yellowed with age which lowers your confidence and affects your smile. Right from staining to consuming tea, coffee and smoking, all stain your teeth and can cause the surface to discolour. That's when you need tooth whitening to permanently lighten the colour of your teeth.

Whatever be your age, Dentists for Chickens offers the very latest and highly effective Instant Zoom Tooth Whitening technology which is the safest and easiest way to get a boost in your self-confidence. Using our tooth whitening treatment, the color of your teeth can improve upto six or even eight shades lighter than your original color in about an hour’s time. We also provide teeth whitening options in the comfort of your own home. Discuss the options which best suit you with our friendly team today and don’t forget to ask for our special offers!

Teeth Whitening Treatments

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Tooth Jewellery

Get a Bling & Zing for your healthy smile at Dentists for Chickens

To keep up with the changing world we offer the latest in dental fashion, tooth jewellery. Tooth jewellery classic designs are an elegant compliment to standard jewellery. When placed on the tooth, the jewellery creates a distinctive expression of one’s individuality.

There are 2 main types of tooth jewellery available:

  • Twinkles: This is a collection of 24-carat gold and white gold jewellery. The jewellery is available in over 50 different designs, some including diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
  • Dental Gems: Are a range of glass crystals available in nine different colours – diamond, rainbow, ruby, sapphire, emerald green, aquamarine, pink, sapphire light.
Zoom Teeth Whitening

When properly placed by one of our experienced dentists, the tooth jewellery will not damage or harm your tooth in any way.

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Lip Enhancement & Non-Surgical Facelift

Offering an aesthetic option to add to your grace

At Dentist for Chickens, we use the highest quality fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to treat areas such as the forehead, frown lines and side of eyes. As an add on to the beautiful you we also offer lip enhancement to make them look fuller & crispier. To ensure that your skin is healthy and wrinkle free, our medical team will complete a full lifestyle and medical consultation with you. During this time, we explain the various products available for treatments, the benefits, potential risks, side effects and expected longevity of products.

We take a great deal of care in ensuring treatment is comfortable and these procedures are minimally invasive for you.


Relieving bruxism/grinding symptoms

Grinding his or her teeth when awake or during sleep seeks regular dental care. In some patients, teeth grinding, and clenching can be severe enough and lead to severe facial or jaw pain, jaw disorders, headaches, and damaged teeth. At Dentist for Chickens, we also offer masseter injections for relieving pain and discomfort caused by the involuntary grinding of teeth. This will give you a pain free period of up to 6 months or even longer depending on the individual.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Cosmetic procedures including cosmetic dental procedures are on the rise since the past few years. It is essential to understand the various factors which influence the cosmetic dentistry costs. If you are considering a cosmetic dental procedure but have concerns about the costs of cosmetic dentistry, your concern is understandable as cosmetic dentistry costs are believed to be on the higher side. Also, the costs associated with cosmetic dentistry procedures may not be covered under dental insurance which makes the patients feel more anxious about the treatment.

The exact price of cosmetic dentistry will depend on the specific cosmetic dentistry treatment you wish to receive. All cosmetic dentistry treatments play a different role in improving the appearance of an individual's teeth and hence the costs also vary widely. Some treatments are more expensive than others. The factors that influence the cost of your treatment might include you’re the present state and structure of your teeth, the materials and technology used throughout your treatment, and the severity of your dental concern (e.g. excessive stains on the teeth’s surface and discoloration may cost you more). At Dentist for Chickens, we promise to provide you a picturesque smile at an affordable cost. Whenever you are ready to go with your cosmetic dental procedure, our team of expert dentists will analyze your cosmetic requirements and expectations and accordingly prepare a customized yet affordable plan for you.

Call: (02) 4971 0144 Swansea (02) 4953 0016 Edgeworth (02) 4983 2177 Raymond Terrace

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to the entire process of dental makeover that restore a healthy and beautiful smile. To perform cosmetic dentistry, one needs special training and skills which the general dentists do not possess. Cosmetic dentists administer one or more cosmetic treatments to enhance the look of your teeth. Dentist for Chickens offers various popular cosmetic dental treatments like veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, braces and teeth whitening under one roof. We restore beautiful smiles with comfort.

A complete dental makeover or cosmetic dentistry can contribute to a healthy and attractive smile. Such cosmetic procedures are performed only by experienced cosmetic dentists rather than a general dentist as it requires additional and specific training. Cosmetic dentists are those who use more than one cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth. The treatments are aimed at maintaining the aesthetics of patients' teeth and gums. Today, various cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, braces and teeth whitening are gaining popularity. To fulfill this demand, general dentists are expanding their repertoire to cover cosmetic dentistry as well.

If you are looking for a ‘one-stop shop’ destination for cosmetic dental procedures, Dentist for Chickens helps create beautiful smiles.

The recovery time from a dental procedure entirely depends on the treatment you have undergone. Minimal invasive procedures need no time to recover. But most of the other procedures will make cause some pain that may last for a few days. In dental procedures where sedatives are administered, you may require someone to look after you for a day or two. At Dentist for Chickens we provide a detailed list of precautions, along with how to care and ideal diet to follow that will help you recover quicker and completely.

How long the cosmetic dentistry will last depend on the dental procedure. With proper care and cleaning, some cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers can last much longer. While some would continue to look great for up to 10 years, more than 80% last upto 20 years! Also, veneers are staining resistant and resilient to most food and beverages that keeps your smile white, attractive and bright for a very long time.

A pair of pearly whites has become a desire for many individuals. At the same time, it also makes them wonder if cosmetic dentistry is safe. Cosmetic dental treatments at Dentist for Chickens are considered both safe and effective and are trusted by many patients. Our goal is to not only improve provide a sparkling white smile but also improve the appearance of your smile with expert cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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