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Raymond Terrace

Dentist for Chickens (Newcastle, NSW)


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Dento Facial Dentistry

Offering an aesthetic option to add to your grace

At Dentist for Chickens, we use the highest quality fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to treat areas such as the forehead, frown lines and side of eyes. To ensure that your skin is healthy and wrinkle free, our medical team will complete a full lifestyle and medical consultation with you. During this time, we explain the various products available for treatments, the benefits, potential risks, side effects and expected longevity of products.

We take a great deal of care in ensuring treatment is comfortable and these procedures are minimally invasive for you.

Relieving bruxism/grinding symptoms

We also offer masseteric injections for relieving pain and discomfort caused by the involuntary grinding of teeth. This will give you a pain free period of up to 6 months or even longer depending on the individual.

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