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Top 5 Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

One of the sweetest human gestures, a smile can melt the heart of even a complete stranger. But that pretty smile can lose its shine due to unattended dental problems. One of the worst affecting tooth problems and bad oral health can lower our confidence and impact our social lives even leading to tooth extraction in some cases.

Made up of four different layers of tissues, including the Pulp, Dentin, Enamel and Cementum, your teeth have life just like any other part of your body and they too can die if not cared for properly. And sometimes even after caring for your teeth properly, you might end up with unhealthy teeth that are often beyond repair. According to Dental science, such tooth problems can only be treated with tooth extraction, which puts an end to your dental sufferings. Though a dentist usually does not recommend you to get your teeth extracted, but there are certain tooth problems that may need such treatment, some of which are :

Decaying Teeth

An irresponsible attitude towards your teeth may leave you with a tooth decay, which can only be treated with the extraction of the tooth with the decay. A tooth decay is caused by bacteria and starts from the enamel. The decay when left untreated, can reach the pulp of the tooth and severely infect it. The last resort is extraction of the teeth which is then followed by the procedure of tooth restoration.

Infection due to Gum Disease

A tooth decay can seldom extend to the core of the gum tissue and weaken the core structure of the teeth. A root canal therapy is the basic procedure to cure such teeth. But with the infection being too severe at times, the only solution to stop the infection from spreading to other teeth is the extraction of such infected teeth.

An Overly Crowded Mouth

As a part of orthodontics treatment, some patients often require extraction of a few or more teeth when there is overcrowding or when the teeth have grown in the wrong direction. The extraction makes enough room for the proper alignment of the remaining teeth and eliminates overcrowding. Such extractions are mostly done for children and teenagers.

Undeveloped Tooth

A tooth that can not grow properly or has not crossed the gum line, or even a tooth that has grown at odd angles, is considered an undeveloped tooth and can affect your dental beauty. An undeveloped tooth can be caused because of an overcrowded mouth or a jaw that is not large enough to give the teeth room to grow. Such teeth that never developed can have an adverse effect on your smile and may need tooth extraction. 

Broken Teeth

Your teeth can weaken with time, and considering all the grinding of food an average human teeth does in a year, it seems to be a very common thing. Even accidents and sporting injuries can land you with a few broken teeth. Though most broken teeth can be restored with the tooth restoration process of bonding, some are just beyond the possibility of restoration. Such a broken tooth which is barely visible and cannot be restored, needs to be extracted in order to make you use the other teeth comfortably. 

Tooth extraction must be performed by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon. Prior to tooth extraction, your dentist will sedate you or numb the area with local anesthesia to reduce the discomfort and pain. While removing visible teeth is a simple procedure, teeth that are broken, cracked or below the surface require additional care and a more involved procedure.

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