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Regain a younger looking face with Face Lift Dentistry

Like any other part of our bodies, the teeth and the mouth also begin to change as we get older. The number of taste buds start decreasing, the tooth enamel tends to wear saway, the teeth start to become crooked and discolored and the gums may get thinner and recede as we age. Besides this, older people may lose some, or all of their teeth owing to periodontal diseases and other reasons. Upon losing teeth, the portion of the jaw bone that holded those teeth in place loses volume and gradually recedes. In turn, the surrounding soft tissue is left no support which progresses to irreversible sagging and facial collapse. Having such changes in the mouth and teeth is not at all a pleasant experience and most people spend their later years with lower self esteem and lesser confidence. When the lower jaw recedes with age, the result is an aging look and a sunken smile.

Face Lift Dentistry

When life goes topsy turvy and the incessant desire to look good takes a toll, people resort to cosmetic procedures such as facial fillers, botox injections etc and start visiting plastic and cosmetic surgeons more frequently to fix their ageing insecurities. But hardly do they know about the dangerous complications of such procedures. Some of the biggest complaints we hear from patients after these procedures are undesirable appearances, such as asymmetry, lumps, overcorrection of wrinkles, skin damage, wounds, infection, and scarring. Moreover, anyone can probably guess that they aren’t quite real.

So then what’s the solution?

If your teeth are chipping off and your facial structure is collapsing then face lift dentistry can do the trick and take 20 to 30 years off your face. In the present era, this form of dentistry is fast emerging as the new face lift owing to a number of reasons. It is a non surgical, painless and safe procedure which delivers optimum facial rejuvenation and jaw alignment. A total mouth makeover including correcting the bite, color, shape and alignment of your tooth can actually improve facial structure and reduce sagging which you believed only a facelift can solve.

When cosmetic dentists rebuild your smile and repair overcrowding, shape and length of the teeth as part of a smile makeover, the youthful proportions of your face get restored in a natural manner. When your sagging jaws are restored, signs of facial aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin are slowed down.

Popularly known as non surgical face lift dentistry, this technique is very effective and safe to fend off the ravages of time. A correctly aligned jaw which appropriately positions the upper jaw over the lower jaw allowing the teeth to meet neatly, helps produce a natural and beautiful looking smile and give your face an uplift. So do away with a sunken in look due to aging and instantly increase your confidence without a surgical facelift or jaw surgery.

In a nutshell, Face Lift Dentistry®, also known as The Dental Facelift®, is a revolutionary dental treatment widely used to bring optimum dental health. It helps improve TMJ functionality in a non-surgical and non-invasive manner and renders a rejuvenated look to a patient’s face and jaw. This exclusive anti-aging dentistry treatment involves state-of-the-art teeth restoration and bite correction methods to improve overbites, improve facial profile, jawline. As it corrects underbites and bad bites non-invasively, it is gaining popularity amongst people who want to improve the appearance of their whole face as your smile effectively and naturally. Most importantly face lift dentistry procedure is quicker and safer than other methods.

Invisalign is a popular face lift dentistry treatment option

Losing teeth and noticing your smile becoming crooked as we age is no less than a trauma. It significantly changes the shape of the facial structure altering a person’s overall appearance. So paying attention to tooth and bone loss is the key here which can actually help you reverse aging.

Today Invisalign clear aligners are at the forefront of face lift dentistry. They are used to straighten the teeth and broaden a smile that has narrowed over time. Whether you have protruding front teeth or teeth that are tipping backwards, Invisalign aligners can help fix all such kinds of orthodontic issues and transform the alignment of your smile. It is pertinent to note that it’s the lower third of the face that tells how old we really are. With Invisalign treatment, you can fix an overbite, crowding, crooked teeth and indeed get the smile and the desired direction of the teeth. As invisalign aligners fix teeth alignment issues adding structure and support to your mouth, they reduce the appearance of sagging.

For more complex tooth alignment problems, porcelain veneers are the ideal option to straighten teeth. The patient can choose color, position, and shape, depending on their own face shape.

An array of surprising cosmetic benefits without drilling or surgery

The Face Lift Dentistry® method optimized your facial structure without any surgery. If you are wondering that restoring your mouth to normal via face lift dentistry method might cause pain, discomfort and or complications, then fret not. The good news is that face lift dentistry is non invasive, pain free, and provides reversible “face-lifts” for patients with incorrect bite, disfigured teeth and sagging jaws. People get whiter, brighter, and straighter teeth and none of their healthy teeth have to be drilled down. Today a large number of older and middle aged people are seeking this high tech and highly advanced technique to transform their appearance and reduce sagging.

Who is an ideal Candidate for Face Lift Dentistry®?

When life covers you in its own muck and you begin to notice changes in your skin due to aging, then you are most likely a candidate for face lift dentistry. The treatment is much faster and much less painful, and the results are exceptionally great. If you wish to reverse the clock and achieve a rejuvenated appearance with optimally aligned jaws, then this treatment is right for you. In addition, younger patients who have overbite, underbite or misaligned bite and look older than their age can also get their bites corrected without any jaw surgery. 

One must take note that Face Lift Dentistry  is safe and effective when in the right hands. So always look for a team of highly trained and experienced dentists who have an excellent reputation in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

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