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Pain free dentistry methods for managing dental anxiety and pain

Dental procedures are associated with unpleasant experiences  such as dental pain, swelling, bleeding and discomfort. Whether one needs to undergo a tooth extraction or something as simple as filling, pain and discomfort are considered to be an inevitable part of dental procedures. Sadly, all of this discourages people from visiting the dentist timely and undergoing invasive dental procedures even when their dental problem needs urgent attention. Also those who have had a painful experience in the past at a dental clinic dread visiting the dentist for further treatment and dental work.  Whatever the reasons for your fear, you are not alone!

The good news is that with the advancement in technologies in the dentistry sector such as laser, local anesthesia, conscious sedation, safer and painless dental procedures are no longer a dream! Dental Clinics in Newcastle are offering pain free dental treatments to improve the experience for all their patients while helping them live healthier lives. Now simply no need to put oral health on the back burner or skip visits to the dentist as your dentists will take care of the pain during dental procedures.

Below are some ways a modern dentist uses to make dental treatments pain-free experience and manage dental anxiety.

Laser Technology

Laser technology is being widely incorporated into dental procedures to keep pain and discomfort at bay. The use of lasers in dental procedures not just provides more comfort for patients who are sensitive to dental pain but is a fast and effective method and less painful than traditional treatment methods such as drills. It typically uses heat and light during dental treatments and allows the dentist to perform precise dental procedures. Due to this reason, today many dental patients consider seeing a laser dentist for treatment. 

Composites and Porcelain Fillings

Dentistry has rapidly evolved over the past few centuries and now comprises more sophisticated treatment methods including dental filling options. Gone are the days of painful dental filling procedures when dentists relied on metal fillings for tooth filling which required deep drilling into the tooth for proper fit. Besides causing extreme discomfort to patients, such extensive and deep drilling often resulted in removal of healthy teeth structure which rendered the tooth weak making it more vulnerable to damage and cracking. 

In the present time, modern dentistry has progressed and dentists now use composites and porcelain fillings for tooth filling. They are growing popular for not just their combination of looks and durability but are less painful than metal fillings as they require less drilling. 


Dentistry has made great strides to reduce negative dental experiences for patients. With various types of sedation, you can now experience painless dentistry at many best dental clinics and remain calm and relaxed during dental procedures. There are varying levels of sedation based on the unique needs of the patient and the length of the treatment. While some forms of sedation will make you fall asleep and render unconscious, some forms of sedation will only relax you and contribute to drowsiness. You would be conscious but experience insensitivity to pain and discomfort. 

General Anesthesia

The patient is completely unconscious and in a sleep-like state and does not respond to any level of pain during the dental surgery. They may also require breathing assistance.

Benefits of Pain-Free Dentistry

With pain free dentistry treatment options and the advent of sedation as discussed above, patients can have seamless and pain-free dental experiences and no longer need to be nervous about visiting the dentist. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major benefits of pain free dentistry.

  1. Patient-dentist relationship improves: The patient- dentist relationship is a delicate one and can directly impact dental patient experience. With the emergence of pain free dentistry, dentists are helping patients do away with dental fears, anxiety and phobia. When a patient ends up having a painless and comfortable dental experience, he starts to believe that the dental professional has empathy and strongly focuses on patient comfort. Due to this, modern patients are building more trust with their dentist and fear the dentist no more.
  2. People stop skipping dental visits: Owing to dental fear, a large number of people skip dental visits and jeopardize oral health. With pain free dentistry, dentists are able to better manage the fears and anxieties that are associated with dentistry. Due to this reason, people worldwide are accepting dental treatments without any qualms and coming forward voluntarily for routine visits to stay close to good oral health.
  3. There are many options to combat pain: Pain free dentistry has been around for years and has significantly evolved. Right from nitrous oxide or laughing gas to oral (pill) sedatives and IVs, today there are many options to combat pain and keep patients relaxed during procedures. Your dentist will choose the most suitable technique depending on the treatment, length of the procedure, individual tolerance to pain and the severity of dental anxiety. 

Is sedation dentistry safe?

While sedation has been mindfully designed to help the patients relax in a dentist chair, the thought of undergoing sedation can make some people tense with fear as they wonder whether sedation dentistry is safe. Sedation dentistry is nothing sort of new and has been around for years. Today numerous modern dental clinics in Newcastle are taking the advantage of this advancement to help manage fearful and anxious patients. In fact today’s patients with fear and anxiety are grateful that something so advanced and reliable like sedation dentistry exists. It has rightly addressed their biggest concerns while taking care of frequently encountered problems in a dentist’s chair.

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