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What is Root Canal Treatment? Options, Procedures & Costs

Root canals are a common dental procedure and are considered very safe. Root canal treatments are designed to eliminate bacterial infections from the infected root canal space, while retaining the natural tooth as much as  possible. By directly removing the pulp of a tooth that’s been infected or damaged, the dentist prevents the infection from…

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Sleep dentistry : What it is and is it ideal for you?

Most people suffer from dental anxiety and phobia right before a dental treatment and often skip crucial dental visits to avoid the discomfort, stress and fear. Sleep dentistry is a common approach to reduce such dental anxiety and phobia. Also known as sedation dentistry, it’s a technique used to calm a patient before beginning a…

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Options, Procedures & Side effects

A beautiful smile is always contagious and a smiling face reflects happiness and confidence. However, it’s hard to smile wholeheartedly when you’re not happy with the appearance of your teeth. Although following an oral hygiene routine regularly may go a long way in maintaining a pretty smile, several aesthetic issues related to your teeth may…

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Why are dental crowns an excellent way to restore tooth damage?

A beautiful smile can enhance your life in many ways and is desired by every individual. But everyone is not satisfied with the appearance of their smile and are willing to go through intensive dental treatment to improve it. If you are not perfectly happy about your smile and have a gap between the teeth,…

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How to deal with a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies as a result of an accident or trauma can occur at any time and you would want to get relief as soon as possible. Knowledge is the key to handle the first few minutes of a dental emergency and determine the fate of your tooth. Whenever a dental emergency strikes, it is crucial…

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