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Top 5 Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

One of the sweetest human gestures, a smile can melt the heart of even a complete stranger. But that pretty smile can lose its shine due to unattended dental problems. One of the worst affecting tooth problems and bad oral health can lower our confidence and impact our social lives even leading to tooth extraction…

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All you need to Know about Dental Bridges & Crowns

Tooth issues and dental problems are becoming a lot more common these days and there can be various causes behind it, such as lack of care, old age, accident, etc. However, medical science has developed multiple methods to address each issue with minimal pain. Dental crowns and bridges are one of the most popular and…

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5 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

A beautiful smile leaves an everlasting impression. An essential part of attaining a beautiful smile is healthy teeth and oral hygiene. A marathon and not just a sprint, maintaining healthy teeth takes consistent efforts which when comes into habit becomes extremely easy. Being mindful of one’s dietary habits, daily activities and choosing just the right…

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Understanding Dental Extraction and its Side Effects

Our teeth are the strongest bones in our body and they serve their purpose well throughout our lifetime. Good oral hygiene accompanied with a healthy diet can help keep our teeth free from decay and damage. But for reasons more than one, our teeth may get infected leading to unbearable pain and other health issues.…

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