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Everything that you should know about mouth guard

Complete oral care contributes to a healthy lifestyle to a great extent. No matter whether you are a young individual or an adult, the protection of the mouth may have to be considered in certain conditions. You may have to use a mouth guard, an athletic gear that prevents your mouth from being injured and prevents gums or even enamel. In order to retain a healthy smile, brushing and flossing are not the only practices which you need to include in your daily routine, instead this preventive tool is going to be the perfect add-on to your life.

Here are some of the aspects related to mouth guard worth exploring before using them:

Do I Really Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are even known as mouth protectors due to their functioning of safeguarding the soft tissue of your tongue. Be it the risk of injured teeth causing harm to lips, cheeks and lining of the mouth or preventing your mouth during some of the sports, this athletic gear has multiple advantages. In the conditions where grinding teeth in sleep known as bruxism caused due to stress or sleep disorders, mouth guard acts as the protective agent by becoming a barrier between teeth and enamel.

It is essential to use only doctor recommended mouth guards as these are designed according to your mouth’s anatomical examination. It will further ensure that wearing them during the night while sleeping does not affect you with the proper fit.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from any TMJ problems or temporomandibular joint complications involving jaw discomfort or loss of mobility while chewing, then, mouth guard is a must to address your condition. The custom-made mouth guards can be worn at night to recover jaws affected due to TMJ complexity. Finding the experienced dentist is highly recommended when the mouth guard is being customized to get relief from TMJ problems.

Types of mouth guards

From the above information, it is apparent that a dental appliance or covering popularly known as mouth guard has a potential to safeguard your teeth from getting injured in various conditions. Now, it’s time to understand the types of mouth guards which are prescribed by the dentists:

Boil and bite mouth guards

This type of mouth guard is made up of flexible material which take the shape of teeth when used. These mouth guards need to be heated before using to get the perfect during strenuous sports activities, sleeping and offering an added layer of protection to your mouth. It is easy to find this type of mouth guard and offers improved fit, hence, preferred by most of the people.

Stock mouth guards

This ready to use mouth guard is inexpensive and can be easily worn. You can find them at sports equipment shops or departmental stores and does not require customization. The dental appliance may be used for protecting soft tissues of the mouth and protection of teeth, but, professional advice from dental professionals must be considered for long term use of mouth guard.

Custom fit mouth guards

As the name suggests, custom fit mouth guards are designed by the dentist after evaluating the patient personally. This type of mouth protection guard may be more expensive than other two variants, but its effectiveness turns out to be commendable. Whether it is used during athletic activity or to achieve other merits of mouth protection, the custom fitted mouth protectors are always the best choice to reduce the risk of injury to lips, lining of cheeks or teeth.

Final Remark: Why is mouth guard necessary?

Preventing dental injuries, safeguarding the overall mouth and keeping out the chances of injuries during physical activities become easily attainable if mouth protectors or mouth guards are used. Most of all, the soft tissues of tongue, enamel, lips and the linings of cheeks are very delicate, so, it’s worth investing in a mouth guard customized by the certified as well as the experienced dentist. Lastly, discuss all your concerns related to these mouth protectors with the orthodontist, so that the precise fit mouth guard can be designed for you.

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