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Detecting an Abscessed Tooth and its Cure

Abscess refers to the layer formed around a tooth owing to bad hygiene. This is usually a result of improper brushing and if the mouth is not rinsed for more extended periods. This results in the layer formation of bacteria, which creates an abscess.

Let us look at a few points that can help detect if an abscessed tooth poses a threat and how to tackle with the same –

Understanding the problem – An abscess if of two types. One which affects the space between the tooth and gums, the other which affects the entire tooth itself. In both cases, the tooth can be treated if detected at an early stage.

Symptoms– If one feels a throbbing pain in the gums, the chances are that it could be as a result of abscess formation. The gums are usually swollen due to the formation of infection within the gums. Experts at Newcastle dental clinic suggest that other symptoms could be bad breath and increased sensitivity. In some cases, an abscessed tooth can also lead to fever and swollen neck glands.

Peak symptoms – If undetected in the earlier stages, an abscessed tooth can lead to the formation of cyst which again has to be removed with the help of surgery. There could be other complications such as the spread of infection to other tissues or blood infection and pneumonia. It is advised to start the treatment as soon as the early signs are noticed to avoid significant complications eventually.

Treatment– Newcastle dental clinic has expert doctors that can help with treating an abscessed tooth. The early stages of the dental problems can be cured with the help of over the counter drugs; the more advanced stages need a scheduled treatment. It is advised to not go with antibiotics without consulting a proper doctor since the same can worsen conditions.

Procedure– Draining is a vital procedure followed to remove the abscess. In severe conditions, a root canal treatment is done. The tooth may also be removed depending on the conditions, and the same is treated upon till the infection has reduced.

Prevention– Good dental hygiene is necessary to prevent an abscess from forming. The buildup of plaque and tartar is prevented by regular flossing and proper brushing. If there is any form of disorientation of teeth due to external factors, it should be treated immediately to avoid any future abscess formation.

Regular checkups at dental clinic helps prevent abscess or other formations on the teeth to a large extent. The doctors are highly trained in the field and can help detect a threatening condition at the start, so one does not have to go through complicated procedures as a result of negligence. Everyday oral hygiene and good food habits can take care of dental health for a long time. Scheduling regular appointments and taking supplements on a regular basis also helps to deal with any underlying dental problem. Newcastle dental clinic recommends taking a dental checkup with every scheduled health checkup to avoid overlooking the same.

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