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Can periodontal disease cause cancer?

Periodontal disease or the gum disease can increase the risk of cancer in women, recent research proves. A study by the State University of New York (SUNY) researched to correlate the relevance between cancer and periodontal disease. The study was done for almost ten years in a diverse population of nearly 66,000 women of age above 58 years. The investigation revealed that any history of the periodontal disease has a shown to increase the incidence of any form of cancer in elderly women. Additionally, this study has found some correlations to the frequency of specific types of cancers like Oesophageal cancer. However, the risks of lung cancer or breast cancer were seen to be high in women who have periodontal disease and in those who smoke regularly.

Should you worry about periodontal disease?

Here is a few know-how of a periodontal disease which is also called as gum disease. The mouth houses a lot of microflora of which some are beneficial while the others are not. When you eat sweet and starch-rich foods, the bacterial population in the mouth produces some acids that bother your tooth and enamel. This causes stickiness in mouth and teeth, and the enamel breaks down completely by forming a hole in the cavity. Thus, the plaques cause gum disease, upon hardening into a calculus.

If the gum disease is not treated correctly, you can see the teeth start falling off, and you need to replace the teeth. You need to use Newcastle dental care to save your teeth from these undesired symptoms. Newcastle dental care experts will provide you with comprehensive care that you need not worry of treatment instead they will help you in the prevention of dental gum disease. If you have a hardened plague which is called as tartar, the Newcastle dental care experts can give you stress-free solutions and natural remedies.

Important Tips to Follow:

In case, you have severe gum disease; the dental team can aid you in alleviating the issue. However, on a general note, using a right brush is as vital as using a brush every day. Generally, small or medium headed brushes with soft or medium bristles are recommended for adults. Brushing twice a day and using floss, cleaning your teeth and gaps between teeth is very important to avoid gum disease.

The Newcastle dental care experts can prescribe you antibiotics and the use of antimicrobial mouth rinses which can help you reduce bad breath or the level of microfloral population in the mouth. The Newcastle dental care experts will offer you a less-invasive and low-cost treatment if you are trying to address the issue in the early stage. If you don’t treat, you might end up getting chronic periodontal disease.

A proactive routine that follows a good hygiene practice and regular dental check-ups can help you avoid periodontal disease. If you are that one person who has been avoiding your dental care treatments because of budget issues, your right place to visit for your Newcastle dental care is Dentist for Chickens.

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